Prophet Isa ‘alahis salam being raised to the heavens


What do the pious and expert scholars of Islam say: was Prophet Isa peace be on him taken up into the heaven alive or did he die a natural death?


Its is an accepted belief that Prophet Isa ‘alahis salam was raised to the heavens.

“Remember when Allah said, “Isa, I will receive you, then raise you up to Me, and I will acquit you of all the charges invented by those who deny the truth. I will place your followers above those who denied the truth until the Day of Judgement; but for now, you shall return to Me, and I will make judgement about their differences concerning you.” (Ale Imran:55)

However, the Ahmadis, a deviant sect out of the pale of Islam believes that he was not raised to the heavens and lived on earth and died a natural death. This is the Ahmadi belief, and not the belief of the Muslims.

And Allah ﷻ knows best

Dr Musharraf Hussain Al-Azhari
Director of British Fatwa Council

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