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Fatwa Request

Please ask about one issue only, keeping the question short and to the point. You will receive your answer through email.
Please write one question only per request. If you write more than one question, only the first will be answered. This service allows you to send your question and receive the answer to it by taking the following steps:

– State the subject of your question (pilgrimage, divorce, inheritance, etc…)
– Type in your e-mail address if you have one
– State your question (only one) clearly
– Press the “send” button. Please remember your question number which will be displayed on your screen

You can obtain the answer by taking the following steps:

1st method:

– You can access the ‘fatwa request’ page from here
– Enter the question number to obtain your answer

2nd method:

– If you have typed in your e-mail address, you will receive an e-mail notification of a reply to your question.

Limit your question to 500 letters