Touching the Mushaf whilst menstruating


What do the scholars and experts of shari’ah say regarding a woman who is in a state of major impurity, but a situation arises where it is necessary for her to touch the Holy Quran? Is it haram for her to do so?


All perfect praise is for Allah ﷻ, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah ﷻ, and that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ is His bondsman and Messenger.

It is haram for a woman to touch the Holy Qur’an when she is in a state of state of major impurity. This includes when she is menstruating, experiencing post-natal bleeding or after the completion of menstruation/post-natal bleeding, but prior to the performance of a ritual bath. It will also be impermissible if she is in the state of minor ritual impurity.

If any such scenario arises where it is unavoidable for her to touch the Holy Qur’an, e.g. the Holy Quran was burning or sinking in water. Then she can directly touch it.

And Allah ﷻ knows best.

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