To give offerings at the graves of martyrs and awliya


Is it permissible to give offerings (Niyaz) such as food or flowers at the blessed graves of the martyrs or the Awliya of Allah ﷻ?


Visiting graves of Muslims is a sunnah and to visit the graves of the Awliya of Allah ﷻ and the martyrs is a means of great blessings; sending rewards to them is  commended and an act of reward in itself.

To take food to the graves, which is a common tradition, is permissible, if it is not deemed as Wajib by the people taking it. To take such offerings is neither a necessity nor is there any sin to do so. Yes, if someone believes it to be religiously Wajib and that without doing it Fatiha will not be accepted, then this is a false belief. One should refrain from such a belief.

To place flowers on the graves of the Muslims in general and especially on the graves of the Awliya is commended. However, food offerings that are taken should not be placed on the graves as this is prohibited.

And Allah ﷻ knows Best.

Imam Ahmad Rida Khan رحمة الله تعالى عليه

Translation by Dr Musharraf Hussain Al-Azhari Translator of Majestic Quran,

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