The ruling of Jumu’ah prayers for security guards


What do the experts and scholars of shari’ah say regarding the following situation: We have a factory where people of all faiths work. We have permission to take an hour paid leave on Fridays to pray Jumu’ah at the local masjid which is five minutes away from the factory. What is the ruling regarding security guards and watchmen for Jumu’ah prayers? Can they leave their posts to pray?


It is established in Shari’ah that Jumu’ah is necessary upon every mature, sane, resident, male Muslim. Whoever does not have the ability to attend the Jumu’ah prayer, he will read Zuhr in its place.

In the scenario presented, it is necessary for the workers at the factory to attend the Jumu’ah prayer. If any worker has an accepted excuse in shari’ah, then he may pray Zuhr instead. It is not necessary for security guards and people in roles of a similar nature to leave their posts to pray Jumu’ah as providing security to the building and the workers is also necessary. If the factory owners are Muslim, then it is necessary for them to not put any Muslim in a situation where they miss their Jumu’ah Salah. Otherwise, the Muslim workers themselves should try and reach an understanding with their employers or fellow workers, to see if they can adjust their working hours or change their shifts. It is of utmost important that we try and avoid any scenario which causes us to miss the Jumu’ah prayer.

And Allah ﷻ knows the best

This Fatwa is written by Dr. Hafiz Muhammad Munir Al-Azhari

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