Reading the funeral prayer at Zuhr time


What do the scholars of shari’ah say of the following scenario: The time for Zuhr Salah has begun when the Janaza is brought forward. There is still plenty of time for Zuhr remaining, which prayer shall be performed first; the Zuhr Salah or the funeral prayer?


When the time for the Zuhr Salah is ample, then the funeral prayer should be performed first. There is no harm in performing the Fardh and Sunnas of the Zuhr Salah first in hope that in delaying it, there shall be an increase in the people attending the Salah and thus an increase in people attending the funeral prayer. This is only however when those who shall carry the Janaza shall participate in the congregation of the Zuhr Salah, and there is no fear of any drastic physical change in the body of the deceased.

And Allah ﷻ knows best.

Imam Ahmad Rida Khan رحمة الله تعالى عليه

Translation by Dr Musharraf Hussain Al-Azhari Translator of Majestic Quran,

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