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Welcome to the British Fatwa Council, the premier institution of Fatwas in U.K. We are a non-governmental organisation and run on generous funds donated by the community. Our respectable Muftis are highly trained and are able to give their expert opinions on issues related to Islamic Law.

Is bismillah read loudly before the friday khutbah?

Question: Should Bismillah be said aloud or silently before the khutbah (for Jumu’ah)? Answer: Not aloud nor silently. Only Ta’awwuz (A’udhu Billah) should be recited and that being silently before

Can a child deliver the Friday khutbah?

Question: Is it permissible for a non-mature person to deliver the khutbah, whilst another person leads people in Salah? Answer: For a person other than the Khateeb (deliverer of sermon)

Making a dua after the Eid prayer

Question: Is it permissible to make du’a after the Eid Salah? Answer: Imam Ahmad Rida Khan narrates from Shaykh ‘Abd al-Rehman Siraj al-Makki through his chain of transmission which reaches

Can i read any awrad during the Friday khutbah?

Question: Is it permissible to read a wazifah when the Imam is delivering the Friday khutbah? Answer: It is impermissible to read any wazifah whilst the Imam is delivering the

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