Hijab for a woman


 What do the scholars and experts of shari’ah say about the Hijab for a woman? What are the conditions for this?


The Hijab of a woman must cover the whole body except for her hands and face. There is no specific piece of clothing or colour that constitutes a Hijab. Rather the clothing of woman must follow the following conditions.

  • It should be loose-fitting and not tight.
  • It should not be a style that catches the attention of others.
  • The Hijab should not be perfumed.

Wearing the Hijab is a symbol of Islam and allows a woman to fulfil the commandments of Allah ﷻ in terms of covering her body. As we can see around us, the Hijab is not a hindrance for woman and nor does it refrain them from interacting with society in anyway.

As with any act of worship, the Hijab should not be used to feel superior over others who do not wear it. The Prophet ﷺ said: “Avoid that which I forbid you to do and do that which I command you to do to the best of your capacity.” It is unjust to criticize our sisters or treat them differently for not wearing the Hijab.

There is no conflict in adhering to an Islamic dress code and elegance. Wearing the Hijab must be with full conviction and not imposed on the wearer. Decency, dignity, and modesty from within are just as important as is wearing the physical Hijab. In fact, they are the essence of being a good Muslim and a target that we all aspire to achieve.

Allah ﷻ knows best

This fatwa is written by Dr. Mohamed Ali Ahdash

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