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Welcome to the British Fatwa Council, the premier institution of Fatwas in U.K. We are a non-governmental organisation and run on generous funds donated by the community. Our respectable Muftis are highly trained and are able to give their expert opinions on issues related to Islamic Law.

Can a gift be reclaimed?

Question: What do the scholars and experts of shari’ah say regarding a person who gifts some money to a masjid and then asks for it back? Is this permissible? Answer:

Who are the beloved people of Allah Ta’ala?

Question: What do the scholars and experts of shari’ah say regarding the signs that indicate a person is beloved to Allah ﷻ? Are there any that we are aware of?

Who must provide the shroud for the wife?

Question: Who is responsible to provide the kafan (shroud) for a deceased wife? Answer: It is necessary upon the husband to provide the kafan for his deceased wife. And Allah

Urinating in flowing water

Question: Is it makruh to urinate in water even if it’s a flowing stream or river? Answer: It is bad manners to urinate in stagnant water and similarly it is

Is it necessary to learn tajwid?

Question: What is the ruling for learning tajwid? Answer: It is Fardh al-‘Ayn (individual obligation) to learn tajwid to such an extent that a letter can be distinguished from another

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